Decor Mart - Black Extendable Curtain Rod Set with Cane Finial and Mounting Hardware

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Brand: Decor Mart
Product Code: DMRF0112
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  •  Length of the rod : 48 - 88 / 44 - 109 in      
  • Size of the finial :  22 - 25  MM        
  • Finial type : glass & iron tear drop finial              
  • This is an extendible curtain rod . It is telescopic and can be expanded or collapsed to fit a particular window size          
  • Endcaps and Rings to match are also available seperatly        

Decor Mart - Brown Extendable Curtain Rod Set - with Glass Finial and Mounting Hardware  Once the curtains are drawn back the beauty of our curtain rods will blend with the elegance of the room interior. Our curtain rods are of high quality, uniquely designed, easy to mount and fit most windows. Together with our range of custom designed coordinating finials they form a combination of style and will compliment any decor.  It's a complete window dressing and this includes brackets, screws and wall plugs. Endcaps and Rings to match are also available seperatly.

THE DECOR MART brings to you an exclusive collection of hand-crafted designer products which blend quality, affordability & functionality. Each product is tested using stringent quality-check protocols & is backed by our Quality Assurance & Returns Policy. This product has been hand-crafted especially for you! Slight variations in colour, pattern, texture, etc are inherent in the nature of hand-crafted products. 

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